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How To Save On Home Insurance

Uncover hidden savings in home insurance! Get insider tips to secure the best deal and save big on premiums.

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Everyone who owns a home should have homeowners insurance. What many consumers do not know is that premiums can vary by hundreds or, in some instances, thousands of dollars per year. The insurance industry has a lot of little secrets that can cost insurance buyers big money, but a little information can help consumers get a much better deal. And to help you get the best deal possible on your next purchase of home insurance, here is some of that information:

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Ask about other discounts!

Don’t be afraid to ask your insurance company about available discounts. Companies often offer several different types, but not all offer the same discounts. Common discounts include a percentage off for installing smoke detectors, burglar alarms, monitored security systems and deadbolt locks. A high-end sprinkler system could also trim your premium, but they can be expensive. Find out what type of sprinkler system your insurer recommends and if the annual insurance savings will offset the cost.

Compare and Compete

Consumers who call specific insurance companies for home insurance, will get quotes from only that company. Even brokers that handle more than one company may not quote the lowest possible price. Their commissions are often based on the cost of the policy — the higher the better. You need to insist the broker compare pricing or use a website like that facilitates price comparisons.

Shop Every Year

Bottom-line, you want to have the coverage you need but do not want to spend money on coverage you do not need. Your policy should cover your house and major purchases that are inside of the house. Whether those items are covered at replacement cost or actual value will affect your premium. And, if you have items, such as jewellery, technical equipment and art covered under a separate endorsement, consider whether those items have gone down in value since you insured them. If so, you may want to reduce or cancel that extra coverage from your policy. You do not want to run into a problem with too little coverage, but by reviewing your possessions and policy each year, you can save some money and be protected from a loss.

Bundle, bundle, bundle! Buy your home and auto policies from the same insurer.

Insurance companies that offer homeowners, auto and liability coverage will generally give a discount anywhere from 5 to 15 percent off your premium if you buy two or more policies. This does not guarantee a lower price overall, so make sure that the premiums with the discount do not total more than if you bought policies from different companies.

Learn the Terminology

Insurance policies are written in legal terms and are hard to understand. Ask questions about the insurance coverage on your current home policy vs the quoted home insurance policy and be sure you have the right coverage.

If you follow these steps, and as always, ask as a lot of questions, insurance customers can get the best deal in their home insurance, with the proper policy coverage.